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28th February 2014

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Celebrating TED+1: Lesterland, the podcast, Lesterland, the paper edition, and Republic, Lost, now ccFree →


One year ago today, I presented “We the People, and the Republic We Must Reclaim” at TED. 1.2 million views later, I’m celebrating in three great ways.

  1. There’s a now a print edition of the companion book that I wrote to expand on the talk: image(Thanks to Jin Suk for the fantastic cover…

2nd October 2013

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Lessig Blog, v2: The Voice of the People →


I’m serving on the advisory board of the Voice of the People project, which is developing innovative (and scientifically valid) ways to allow “Members of Congress to hear from a representative sample of their constituents on key issues facing Congress.”

The project launches on October 3, at…

25th September 2013

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Lessig Blog, v2: Tumblr goes to the Supreme Court →


On Thursday, Senator Elizabeth Warren and I will participate in an event hosted by the Constitutional Accountability Center (livestream here) to discuss a brief I submitted in a corruption (aka “campaign finance”) case that the Supreme Court will hear on October 8: McCutcheon v. F.E.C.

At the center of the brief is a

4th August 2013

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My sister Alexis RULES.

And yes, Alexis is my ACTUAL sister. And she ACTUALLY RULES. 


What she said, and follow @alexisgoldstein

29th July 2013

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Lessig Blog, v2: The Original Meaning of "Corruption" →


Inspired by the work of Zephyr Teachout and Zach Brugman, and aided by the work of two research assistants, Dennis Courtney and Zach D’Amico, the lawyers at the Constitutional Accountability Center and I have submitted this amicus brief to the Supreme Court for the upcoming McCutcheon v….

29th July 2013

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Apollo 1 crew practicing a water landing in 1966.

just cool. And must be cool in the pool. Don’t fall off those rafts with your helmet off though!


Apollo 1 crew practicing a water landing in 1966.

just cool. And must be cool in the pool. Don’t fall off those rafts with your helmet off though!

2nd June 2013

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Lessig Blog, v2: An "unusually partisan" truth we need the courage to tell →


@jxchristopher writes of my latest piece in The Atlantic:

jxchristopher: Unusually partisan for you, Professor @Lessig - you’re much more persuasive when striking at roots rather than branches http://t.co/R856ldSV

It is true, the piece is, and it was difficult to write because it is….

7th February 2013


Busted by red skirt / heels Standing desk productivity? →


I received an email this morning from Linkedin with the color red catching my eye. I was immediately drawn to two things

  • Desire to appreciate (or objectify) woman in red dress and high heels 
  • Absurdity of an article that claims improved productivity with standing desks by showing a person in high heels

And since I just discovered Jing last night I used it’s super easy capabilities to capture the image and share. This is my second share with Jing / Screencast.

I’m definitely busted, nay tricked, by the advertising, the article doesn’t have a picture of the woman in the red dress and heels. Ohh the shame…

17th January 2013

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Why the moon hoax would have been impossible. 

Arm yourself, with KNOWLEDGE!

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11th July 2012

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These Beautiful Bridges Are Just For Animals

by Jess Zimmerman

If we’re going to keep putting roads in the middle of their habitats, animals are sometimes going to need to cross the road. But it’s better for everyone involved if they don’t have to push a button and wait for the light to change, because they don’t have thumbs and nine times out of 10 they’ll just careen into the side of your car. Which is why some highways have overpasses built specifically for animals like deer, elk, and grizzly bears.

Nobody teaches moose pedestrian etiquette like “look both ways,” but they figure out pretty quickly that crossing the terrifying asphalt river is safer if you take the beautiful grassy bridge. That’s just my guess at a moose’s internal life, but there’s data too: In Banff National Park in Canada, animals have used the six overpasses and 35 underpasses more than 200,000 times since monitoring began in 1996…

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Top - Highway A50, Netherlands (photo: Niels Verheul)

BL - France.     BR - Banff, Alberta, Canada (photo: Joel Sartore)

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